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Five Star Wealth Manager Award Winner 2012-2014, 2018-2021

Since 2012 David M. Parent and his Wealth Management firm Financial Vision, LLC have been selected as a FIVE STAR Wealth Manager by a joint Connecticut Magazine and Crescendo Business Services survey.

We are proud of this designation which goes to a very select group of the wealth advisors in the state of Connecticut.

By assisting clients in every aspect of their financial lives and providing the most personal service available, we have earned a reputation for industry excellence. Life is constantly changing with many obstacles along the way. We provide life solutions to keep you on the right path and help you create a vision for life.

Our philosophy is to grow and protect your wealth so you are more confident about your financial life. Our comprehensive wealth management strategy system helps us to provide you with advice and recommendations on a variety of issues such as: investments, taxes, retirement and estate planning issues.

The Five Star Wealth Manager award, administered by Crescendo Business Services, LLC (dba Five Star Professional), is based on 10 objective criteria:

  1. Credentialed as an investment advisory representative (IAR) or a registered investment advisor;
  2. Actively employed as a credentialed professional in the financial services industry for a minimum of five years;
  3. Favorable regulatory and complaint history review;
  4. Fulfilled their firm review based on internal firm standards;
  5. Accepting new clients;
  6.  One year client retention rate;
  7.  Five year client retention rate;
  8. Noninstitutionalized discretionary and/or nondiscretionary client assets administered;
  9. Number of client households served;
  10. Educational and professional designations.

Wealth managers do not pay a fee to be considered or awarded. 
Once awarded, wealth managers may opt to purchase additional profile ad space or related award promotional products. The award methodology does not evaluate the quality of services provided. The award is not indicative of the award winner’s future performance. 
In 2012 2204 Connecticut wealth managers were considered for the award; 503 (approximately 23 percent of the award candidates) were named Five Star Wealth Managers. 
In 2013 2263 Connecticut wealth managers were considered for the award; 531 (approximately 24 percent of the award candidates) were named Five Star Wealth Managers. 
In 2014 3,926 Connecticut wealth managers were considered for the award; 515 (approximately 14 percent of the award candidates) were named Five Star Wealth Managers. 
*To qualify as having a favorable regulatory and complaint history for this award, the person cannot have (1) been subject to a regulatory action that resulted in a license being suspended or revoked, or payment of a fine, 
(2) had more than a total of three customer complaints filed against them (settled or pending) with any regulatory authority or Five Star Professional’s consumer complaint process, (3) individually contributed to a financial settlement of a customer complaint filed with a regulatory authority, (4) filed for bankruptcy, or (5) been convicted of a felony.
Securities offered through Securities Service Network, LLC, Member FINRA/SIPC David M. Parent Registered Principal Financial Vision Advisory Services, LLC. is a Registered Investment Advisor



Women's Choice Award 2019-2022

The Women’s Choice Award is the premier recognition award for advisors who provide quality service to their female clients.

The Women’s Choice Award® Financial Advisor Program is the only recognition program that acknowledges well-qualified advisors who are committed to the women’s market and effectively serve women clients.

Women’s Choice Award® Financial Advisors and Firms represent less than 1% of financial advisors in the U.S. As of February 2016, of the 783 considered for the Women’s Choice Award, 122 were named Women’s Choice Award Financial Advisors/Firms.

Advisors who qualify for the Award must go through an extensive evaluation process using 17 objective criteria including credentials, experience and a favorable regulatory history, among other factors. In addition, and to augment the evaluation process, the advisor is required to submit letters of validation, substantiating their good standing at their current firm.

Today women hold more than half the wealth in the United States and own 40% of America’s privately held businesses, and there’s more to come. Baby boomers stand to inherit $10 trillion in the next few years, and women will get the bulk of it as they outlive their fathers, brothers and husbands. The women’s market is strong and getting stronger, as the greatest wealth the world has ever seen settles into the hands of baby boom women. Yet this affluent market is underserved: Only 20% of women investors have a financial advisor, but 70%would like to work with one.

The Women’s Choice Award for Financial Advisors and Firms was created by Women Certified Inc. in an effort to identify advisors that women can trust.

The Women’s Choice Award Financial Advisor Program is based on 17 objective criteria associated with providing quality service to women clients such as credentials, experience and a favorable regulatory history, among other factors. Financial advisors do not pay a fee to be considered or placed on the final list of Women’s Choice Award® Financial Advisors, though they may have paid a fee to participate in the Women’s Choice Award Financial Advisor Marketing Program. WomenCertified Inc., home to the Women’s Choice Award, awards businesses, brands and services based on high recommendation ratings by female consumers. The Women’s Choice Award represents the collective voice of women so they can help each other identify businesses that deserve their loyalty and referrals. To learn more, visit



SSN Top Producer Award 2016-2017

David has consistently excelled at providing advice and service to his clients. He is ranked in the top 6% in the Advisory Council with Securities Service Network, LLC.

This Award is not paid for, is not an endorsement of services and represents Advisors who were chosen to provide valued feedback to SSN with regard to policy, procedure and guidance on future business implementation.